Who We Are

West Side is a vibrant Christian community of more than 500 families who come from a wide range of religious backgrounds and a wide range of towns across Northern New Jersey. Our members are young and old, rich and poor, conservative and liberal. 

We’re different, yet the same. Connected by our deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ, our desire to learn and grow spiritually, our commitment to making a difference in the lives of our neighbors...and our habit of getting together (often) for fun and fellowship, both in person and online. 

We invite you to discover all that West Side has to offer by exploring our website and worshiping with us soon - either in person or via livestream. Join us for Chapel Worship at 8:15 am (a quiet, intimate experience), Contemporary Worship with a live acoustic band at 9:00 am or Traditional Worship with a live choir at 11:00 am...and bring your kids! They can sit with you during the service, or you can drop them off at Sunday School (It's a lot of fun!) or the nursery before you head into worship. We look forward to helping you make meaningful personal connections, grow more deeply in your faith and enrich your life by serving others.