A Prayer of Surrender

Series: The Lord's Prayer

March 13, 2022 | Marc Oehler

Passages: John 7:14-18, Matthew 6:9-14

Scripture/Sermon Discussion

  • Where do you see God already working to bring the Kingdom to earth? Where do you see and long to see good news for the poor, freedom for the captives, sight for the blind and justice for the oppressed? Try to be as specific as possible.
  • To join this good work, is there anything you need to let go of, to de-center your will and participate in God’s will? Or maybe the invitation for you is to step up into a new boldness and into humble action? What is the next right step you sense the Spirit inviting you to take with God, for the sake of the world, as it is in Heaven?
  • Is there anything from this week’s sermon that resonated or raised questions for you?  
  •  What do you feel called to pray for today and into this week?  

Series Information

Do you ever struggle with prayer? How to pray? What to pray for? Well, the disciples did! According to Matthew, they asked Jesus for help. And Jesus responded by teaching them The Lord's Prayer - the powerful prayer that sums up the entire Gospel in less than 75 words. Each week during Lent, we'll explore a different phrase from different angles and translations, adding depth and texture to the translation we know so well.

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