Direct Speech

Series: The Book of Job

January 23, 2022 | Marc Oehler

Passages: Job 3:1-10, Job 4:1-9, Job 7:11-21

Scripture/Sermon Discussion

  • What spoke to you? 
  • What lured or unnerved you?
  • What's the value in asking questions of God?  
  • Have you ever had friends who tried to help but weren't helpful? What was that like?  
  • What motivated Job's friends?  
  • What motivated Job?

Pastor Marc suggests that from Job we can learn:

  • to be honest with God
  • trust our experience
  • let suffering shape us

What would you add to this list of things we learn from Job?

Series Information

Why do innocent people suffer? That question lies at the center of the Book of Job. Job loses almost everything dear to him through a series of tragedies. In the end, he never receives a fully satisfactory answer (do we ever?), but he does learn and grow through the experiences. During this four-week sermon series, we explore how we can learn to be more direct with God, risk living and loving even when it's painful, and grow in our capacity to trust God's goodness and faithfulness through tragedy.

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