Wellness Wednesday

Join our learning community on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm (online and in person) for ideas and practices that benefit the whole person for the whole of life.

February 1: The Art of Saori Weaving

Join us in the sanctuary for an exciting and unique opportunity to experience the art of Saori weaving, a creative practice (originating in Japan) in which everyone can express themselves freely, regardless of age, gender, background, ability or intellectual aptitude. 

During this fun, interactive demonstration with Ria Hawks, president of SAORI Arts NYC, you will be doing actual weaving! So bring a piece of cardboard with you (perhaps from an Amazon box), some yarn, and lots of odds and ends such as ribbon, lace, colored paper, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc. During the weaving process, you'll be able to explore your own aesthetic and creative potential. 

Added Bonus: You may walk the labyrinth in the chapel before or after the program. 

About Ria: As a pediatric nurse practitioner in pediatric hematology and oncology, she recognized that Saori weaving could decrease stress and anxiety as well as enhance self-expression and coping skills. She co-founded SAORI Arts NYC to offer weaving programs to people of all ages and developmental, cognitive, physical and emotional needs. 

Can't make it in person? Watch the livestream! 

February 8 and 15: Boost Your Brain Health

Did you know that brain decline has little to do with age or genetics? Join us for a two-part program with Jennifer Wilshaw, owner of Higher Fitness and Wellness, who will share the latest research on brain health along with nutrition tips and safe, effective exercises to keep your brain in tip-top shape.

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