Wellness Wednesday at West Side

Join our online learning community on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm for ideas and practices that benefit the whole person for the whole of life.

May 11 - Reimagine. Reuse. Repurpose

What experiences in your life can you repurpose or reimagine to help you move forward...and to help others? 

Join us for a virtual discussion with professional upcycler Donna DeRitter, whose work is on display in The Gallery this month. She'll talk about finding mental, spiritual and emotional wellness through creatively reclaiming and reimagining - a practice that applies to our lives as well as our possessions. 

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May 18 - Gardening for Wellness

Sure, gardening can make your home look great. But an abundance of scientific research suggests that caring for plants can also do wonders for your well-being, improving your mood and mental health. Join us for a virtual conversation with Bergen County Master Gardener Robyn Lowenthal, who will explore the deep connection between people and plants, and help us understand why gardening is such a positive tool for mind, body and spiritual wellness. She also will share environmentally friendly gardening practices.  

Robyn is an active member of the Garden Club of Teaneck and currently runs a therapeutic horticulture program for developmentally disabled adults at Spectrum for Living. 

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May 25 - An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The old English proverb is true!

We're excited to welcome Brianna Fowls, M.D., founder of Oak Hills Medical in Oakland, back to West Side for a discussion about "culinary medicine" and how food can be used to improve well-being. (She grew up at West Side!) Dr. Fowls will share practical tips for integrating healthy foods into our diets, discuss real-life patient case studies and talk with us about Direct Primary Care, an emerging model that allows physicians to deliver highly personalized, holistic care and develop close relationships with their patients. 

Dr. Fowls is a board-certified family medicine physician, a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society and a recipient of the  Humanism Scholarship from the Healthcare Foundation for Humanism and Medicine, and currently serves on their Alumni Advisory Board. 

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