Wellness Wednesday @ West Side

Join our online learning community on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm for ideas and practices that benefit the whole person for the whole of life.

May 12: Gentle Yoga with Sound Meditation

Get your mat ready - or a comfortable chair - and prepare to connect your mind, heart, body and spirit through gentle yoga poses and deep, mindful meditation with the healing sound of Tibetan singing bowls. Joan Tarrant, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner, will lead the class. Her goal? To empower us to stretch, breathe, relax and grow on and off the yoga mat, incorporating the skills and tools we learn into daily life. Click here to sign up. 

May 19: Masculinity 101: Mental Health and the Power of Emotion

Men DO cry! Join us for an important conversation about the many ways men are taught to behave and how those behaviors affect their mental, emotional and physical health as well as the lives of their friends, family members and loved ones. Our guests: Martin Nunez-Bonilla, Maribi Henriquez, M.S.W., and Rev. T Michael Rock.

Martin Nunez-Bonilla is the creator of MEN CRY, a YouTube series and digital platform where people can share openly about their experiences with masculinity and vulnerability. Maribi Henriquez is an academic and career advisor, mental health advocate and educator, teen whisperer and public speaker. Rev. T Michael Rock is co-pastor at Robbinsdale Parkway United Church of Christ and the chapter convener for Illuman of Minnesota. 

There will be a Q&A and opportunities to learn from our panel, and each other, as we work to improve masculinity...together. Click here to sign up.